Techparade Designs Is Ready For Your Project!

Latest CMS Tools

To get your message out on the web you need tools that make the process hassle free. Techparade Designs uses WordPress and Drupal which serves as a framework for your website so that you can manage your content easily and efficiently.

Theme Variety

Whether you need a custom theme or a totally unique one to build upon, Techparade Designs will provide a website solution that works for you. Your site will not go live until you are completely, 100% satisfied with the work.

Free Hosting

Techparade Design’s offer you one year of free web hosting so you can focus on growing your website instead of the details of selecting a hosting company, setting up the server, and so on. Techparade Design handles this for you.


Get Your Website Responsive

It matters how your content is viewed not only on PCs but mobile devices and tablets. Techparade Designs is there for you from the planning stage to the completion stage to where your site is ready to be viewed.

Building Websites for the Global Generation

Whether you have an off the cuff idea for a website, need a site for a small to medium size business, or just want a blog for your own personal use, Techparade Designs can develop a site that is right for you.