Techparade Designs offers custom WordPress themes, plugins, web design and development.


Responsive Web Design

Stay one step ahead of the competition with a responsive web layout. Visitors to your site should be able to view your content in any resolution without have to zoom in the screen or squint to read what your site has to offer.


WordPress Themes

Techparade Designs offers custom theme and plugin development so that you can manage your content effectively.


Web Development

If you need custom development then Techparade Designs is there for you from the planning stage to the launch stage.

The 3-Ds of getting your site online: Discover, Develop, and Deploy


The first step is getting to know what you want in a site and who your target audience is so that you can reach your objectives.


Once the direction you want for your site has been determined, a site is crafted to your specific requirements.


After your site has been tested on selected devices and PCs, the next step is to deploy your site to the world.