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Customer Satisfaction

The number one goal of Techparade Designs is to make sure the client is happy with his or her site. Providing great looking, accessible websites at an affordable price is what Techparade Designs is about. Whether you are looking for a site to be built from the ground up or have an existing theme that needs to be customized, Techparade Designs has a solution that is right for you.

Providing Structure to Your Site

A site can succeed or fail based on how easy or difficult it is to navigate. Most likely visitors will turn away out of frustration and go to a competitor’s site if they think your site is too confusing to use. Techparade Designs uses wireframing and brainstorming so that the end result is an easy to use, intuitive site from page to page.

Completing Your Project On Time

Techparade Designs is aware that most people have time constraints in getting a project finished on time. Techparade Designs strives to get your project finished on a specified date so that the mystery of when your website will be completed is all but removed. If changes or additions to your site are required during the development phase, a new due date to completion will be accessed.

Mobile App Marketing

Full page mobile overlays are all the rage. Techparade Designs provides design from conception to completion of mobile overlays for your mobile marketing campaign. Techparade Designs also develops facebook, instagram, and twitter pages to further your mobile strategy.

Responsive Development

Now that smart phones and tablets are the norm for surfing the Net, your site needs to look great on all devices, not just the PC. The process of determining what to show and what not to show is on different devices is just as important if not more. Techparade Designs uses mobile first methods to make sure your site is responsive by default.

Web Development

Most of the time there are plugins and modules that have already been developed that can be plugged into your site to solve a specific problem. Other times, custom coding is required to get your site to where it needs to be. In cases such as these, Techparade Designs can create a custom widget, plugin, or module for you so that your site is complete.

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